Samsung Galaxy A51 Review – The Best Selling Android Phone Is BACK!

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The Samsung Galaxy A51 is the follow up to the Galaxy A50 which was last year’s most popular Android smartphone around the world. But is the Galaxy A51 also the best smartphone you can get for the money?

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  1. Commenting after Samsung announced this phone will get 3 years of OS updates really gives this phone a new perspective… That its premium price is well deserved. Also after the latest patches, this phone is no longer laggy at all, and the camera has become so much better.

  2. Im looking for a 350$-450$ phone I don't know anything about phones don't really care how fast it is as long as it's decent I just want a good camera and good storage. Any suggestions?

  3. Most definitely get the A51. It's a great phone that can keep up with me. From social media to gaming, it works smoothly. The on screen fingerprin scanner works very well as well as face unlock. Camera: You can't complain, it's very good for its price, but not the best. Overall, it's a beast

  4. tbh, I don't think he should constantly compare mid-range phones to flagship phones. a few important comparisons are definitely good, but when constantly comparing them, you're obviously going to get disappointed. maybe compare it to other mid-range phones that are similar price or more expensive.

  5. One thing. ..why do we think £300 is cheap for a compared to some prices on some phones but £300 is still a lot of bread and butter…

  6. With all respect
    1. Please stop hating on the camera, it's far better
    2. It literally takes only 100 minutes to charge from 0% to 100% and lasts for an extremely longer period
    3. With animation reduced to 0.5 it literally fires up twice as fast
    4. It actually has a 128GB unit, max is not 64GB like you implied
    4. It's only $400 bro

  7. I don't understand how these reviewers have problems with the A51's fingerprint scanner. Works just fine for me, taking your finger off too quickly is obviously not gonna help.

  8. This has got to be the worst phone iv owned in years, camera sucks..the screen brightness does not get bright enough what so ever at all for the price, it has a lag in load up time. The motorola one action is cheaper and is way better but motorola's screen doesnt get bright either so i think im just gonna go with the sony xperia 10 plus or i may even just go flagship and get the xperia 1

  9. Yeah, I remember the headphone jack, I won't buy a phone without one – it's the reason I'm abandoning the Galaxy S line when I need to replace my S10 and if Samsung is intent on getting rid of the headphone jack, then I'll abandon Samsung all together.

  10. i just ordered the a51, my s8 plus is 3 years old, and needs to be put out to pasture, it is SLOWWWWW. and the battery is donzo. so while i would love to get an s20, i cant afford it. so i will be more than happy with the a51