Samsung Galaxy A51 – Tips and Tricks! (Hidden Features)

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Samsung Galaxy A51 tips and tricks!
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  2. I got a tip and trick throw it in garbage can it's a disappearing magic trick I had a Huawei p20 pro I figured I'd upgrade it was never an upgrade it's not a quarter of the phone that a p20 pro is don't waste your money

  3. Very informative! I picked up tips i didn't know I needed, but not what I need. I downloaded a wallpaper and put it on the homescreen…don't like it and now I can't go back to default. 🤔

  4. i have a question, i see that you have 'hey google' on. I tried evouryting on my A51 but it just let me push the mic button to activate listening. maybe it is because i live in the netherlands and the google assictence is in dutch language, but I would love to have the hey google function on to say without pressing a button 'hey google play something play that song on cromecast' . If you know how to fix it i would like to know:)

  5. Should I get the Samsung Galaxy A51 or the Motorola G8 Plus? Considering the most important things for me are battery life, camera and storage. The galaxy is about 80 euros more for me, is it worth it?