Samsung Galaxy A51 vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra – Who Will Win?

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Let’s compare the Galaxy A51 to the Galaxy S20 Ultra.
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  1. I'm using the a51 5g and I think it's fantastic, got it as an upgrade from redmi note 7 pro and couldn't be happier.
    Also the fastest I've gotten with it is 650mbps, I'm sure it'll do more, but you won't be able to use that speed yet seen as theres now a bottleneck with the memory bandwidth.

  2. Okkkkkk jajaja there is never a lack of the one that say his a 51 is better 🥺🥺🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. I think smartphone technology has evolved to a point where there's not many reasons to spend more than $800 on a phone anymore. A $400 phone will do just fine for most people (except gamers and photographers).
    The Galaxy S20 Ultra is an objectively better phone, it's just not worth the extra $1000.

  4. I have the s9 and wanted the s20 but it was way to expensive then I heard about this phone and seen this price point I was like welp this will be my next phone🙌🏾🙌🏾

  5. I had the A51 but Now have A71 due to slow in games such as pubg and cod but both are worth the cash hands down. I used to have flagship until the 10 series but I went from a Note 10 plus to a A51 and it's not that noticeable just smaller and a lot lighter and now a A71 which has snapdrgan proseser which is best no heat issues iv had with Flagships and any samsung phone with I live in Australia so the flagships come with the samsung Homebrand proseser iv had problems with from the start with $1000+ phones

  6. I will never buy another iPhone after my 6s quits on me so I will go for the Galaxy A Series they’re cheaper than Apple and Galaxy S Series.