Samsung Galaxy – App Icon Badge SOLUTION!!

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Is your notification badges or App Icon Badges not working? Here is the solution for you if you have everything turned on. Very simple and fast and you’ll be good to go.

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  1. What do you think of the next Google Pixel? Do you think Google will decide to put a notch on it? I really hope not because the next Pixel might be my next upgrade. Currently using an S8.

  2. Do you have a video about how to turn off preview messages on WhatsApp and show only the notifications? For some reason can't get my cell to do that.

  3. Hi, Jimmy~ is this function only for Samsung build in app ? Or it’ll work with other apps like whatsapp, FB and other ?

  4. Have you found a way to increase the size of text size in the native messages app? I tried changing font size but it doesn't change the messaging font size. The only way I can make the text size larger is to pinch and zoom but it always returns to the tiny font when I go back into messages.

  5. Who'd a thunk! I didn't have that problem, however I watched and learned. Often I get other people asking for advice. So your videos help; directly or indirectly. I use Nova launcher, I think that's why I didn't experience this problem.

  6. I bought the S9+ 3 weeks ago…upgrading from the S5. After searching for many hours on YouTube for good advice, tips, etc for the S9+, Jimmy's channel is the only one I decided to go with and subscribe! Good and descriptive help, as well as good video production showing the steps. As each day passes, I fall more in love with my S9+ lol.

  7. Jimmy. You're videos are great and very informative. You definitely have a charismatic and soothing personality for instructional videos. Not only do I learn something, but I also enjoy listening/watching you. Doesn't hurt that you are cute to boot. ? Keep up the great videos.

  8. Hi Jimmy, i have Note 8 (but i don´t think it will be big deel, because i have Oreo already), i want to ask you if you know about any possible way to disable background on icons (for example on Google Chrome), on Nugat it was possbile but now in Oreo i didn´t found any way to disable it, it looks awful to me especially whe some icons have white background and some don´t… Thanks for help 🙂

  9. Hey Jimmy, I love your videos. Can you please tell me how I can have personalized notification sounds for my messages? It looks like it's not available on s9. I don't want to use a 3rd party app, thanks!

  10. Great video but, I have a note 8 and followed your steps to see it was already turned on. I still do not get badges for my email or text. Did not have this problem until I did an update a few months ago. Also, Samsung remove grayscale anyway to get it back?

  11. My edge lighting isnt working and we went to the sprint store and they turned everything on and tried to fix it but it's still not working so I see notifications from messages but it only shows up at the very top and If I'm on anything else i cannot see it unless i swipe down. What should i do to fix that do you have ideas? Like the banner you called it does not show up at all. No matter what I try.

  12. Nope. Doesn't work. Funny, this was posted as a solution on the Android forum. Except some say turn Samsung Experience on and some say turn it off. Either way, it doesn't work for me, and for many others on the forum. No pattern to odd badge notifications behavior. Oreo update screwed it up.

  13. i have updated my s9+ to the latest software
    but i can't find quick launch camera

    double click of power button
    could you pls help me out