Samsung Galaxy Buds – Finally an AirPods Killer?

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The $129 Samsung Galaxy Buds are finally the best Apple AirPods competitors! At $159, the Galaxy AirPods work with the S10 and S10+ and come for free with a pre-order and a collab EverythingApplePro with the review and comparison! GIVEAWAY VID:

Galaxy S10 Playlist:

Galaxy Buds:
i10 TWS (AirPods Knockoffs):

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  1. I really don't get the debate here. I am a Samsung user but then again, work with your preference. Each earpiece from either brand may have different pros and cons for different people. Personally, sure, I prefer the galaxy buds but that shouldn't tell anyone to stop using the airpods. Use what you like, I guess. 🤔