Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 – 30 Things You Didn't Know!

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  1. Another over hyped over priced under delivering piece junk. To see a fold line down the center of the screen is not acceptable. In a world where phone desirability is measured on how thin it is, this is an epic fail.

  2. Will it have stereo speakers though and, if so, of what quality? With this device being also advertised as a media powerhouse (such as for movies) having that full dynamic range would be almost essential… So will we get that?

  3. I was able to purchase the Fold after the re-release. I think someone pre-ordered one from Best Buy and never picked it up. I liked it but I did return it because I felt like a Fold 2 was coming out within 12 months since this the Fold was delayed about 6 months. Based on your information, if the storage is 256 instead 512, and there is no option for an sd card, I'M OUT! Expandable storage for me is must for me. The only reason I would considered the Fold and the Fold 2 is 512gb. At this price point I'm settling! What I don't get is… Samsung (in some of there phones), Google, One Plus… No need to mention Apple, they make these phones for us to consume content, take amazing pictures and videos but not give us the ability to do more with expandable memory. The One plus 7 pro was favorite user experience when it came to Android and if they make put expandable storage in their flagship, I'm back on the team. Samsung is the only option, if your want premium, no compromises, and sd card support… SMH… my rant is over. LOL

  4. I always said the fold 2 would have a full front screen and that was the reason the first fold didnt have a full bezzelless screen you always have to leave room to innovate.

  5. It's a flagship and premium phone. The larger display is meant for media consumption (I get that) but the screen real estate makes it very enticing for the business user as well (viewing spreadsheets are a joy) and so if the business user is part of the targeted audience, then I don't get why the small storage option. 256GB is not enough. The lack of memory (and memory expansion) really puts shackles on how good this phone could have been. I get the whole cloud storage thing as a memory expansion solution, but you don't always have cellular or WiFi and in those instances, it can frustrate the life out of you not having access to the files you need. I have actively cleared contents off my Fold and I still find myself with 275GB of space consumed. I want the Fold 2 so very much, but I am already oversubscribed with my memory usage on my Fold.

  6. I hope some future version of the fold will come with the s-pen. I understand if it's impossible at the moment with the current screen but it would be so perfect for the device!

  7. 1. Form factor does not change. Mate x has better utilization of resources. I can use only 1 camera at a time. I can use only 1 display at a time. But why should we have extra display and extra camera to increase the weight and price ?

    2. Vast majority of people can't afford this phone. Looking for a cheaper version of fold.

  8. Right so the cardboard box is amazing… Well I doubt I will sleep that's such great news & did I hear him say Samsung has made some massive improvements about the thickness? The thickness has changed by LESS than a millimetre! 🙄