Samsung Galaxy Fold vs Flagship Smartphones

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The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a unique smartphone. So how does the Samsung Galaxy Fold stack up vs. the iPhone XS Max, Huawei P30 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus? Is the Samsung Galaxy Fold the best smartphone of 2019?

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  1. All points are related to bigger display ,… So why not use MIRAcast or chromecast etc while using media ./.. and consume media on 55 inch 4K HD tv …………….

  2. Every time I am watching to this channel I remember my only phone Vivo V5 that has been destroyed until now 🙁 Got stuck on Internet Cafe for watching youtube huhuhuhu

  3. Huawei Mate X looks nicer to me. Full screen when closed with secondary screen on the back that looks better than the one screen on the Fold. Preview screen for the subject when taking photos closed, and 40mp selfies? Hell yeah!

  4. As far as I'm concerned you're one lucky individual to have one congratulations I wish I had one in my hands, I guarantee you I could take care of it and it would work fine.

  5. I need a foldable device and bigger screen they btr make this come out tht fuckin delay just ffucked us up suppose to come out April 26th thts like 4 days from no

  6. I hate that he blasts apple and doesn’t blast any android phones, like if apple had a phone as broken as this, they would get no sales. They all say that they know about specs and shit while they just blindly buy google and Samsung phones without looking.

  7. You should really get a lady to do the pocket test, see how it fits in tight narrow jeans. I feel the result will be quite a bit different. I suspect there's a fear that the pants pocket might crush the flip mechanism in certain scenarios due to stretching around the butt.

  8. You're being a hypocrite! Where is the "Don't buy the Galaxy Fold" video! You did it for a $1099 device such as iPhone XS Max, and for many others. This device is like 2 grand and you don't even mention it's flaws such as a plastic layer instead of glass for the larger screen, and the fact that this device is so premature that is should have never been available for consumers!!! You're praising it like Samsung paid you tons of money to advertise it instead of reviewing it!