Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up

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  1. Just use what you like. I bought a iPhone out of curiosity and I have no problem with it. Ive only used Android and only use Windows OS. The only thing that drove me crazy at first was the lack of sd card and the inability to drag and drop music/videos into the phone. But I’ve learn to live with it. The lack of headphone jack doesn’t bother either since I’ve been using wireless headphones.

  2. Achei Escrotao usar uma marca (Apple) e tipo desvalorizar ela falando q a sansung e melhor
    Tipo sla devia ter alguma lei ou algo do tipo q proibia uma marca fazer propaganda ruim da outra

  3. Wow, what a subpar commercial. At least apple doesn't repeatedly try to throw shit at their competition, this is just bad marketing which shows that the marketing team for samsung should be fired since they can't be properly creative and has to resort to talking shit about other companies in order to make their own crap look good… Not only that, it's even blatantly offensive towards people who choose to use and buy iPhones, what with the "growing up" part and other bits here, along with what that implies. Would be good if they could be sued or something for using the apple logo and phones in malicious attempts to damage apple's reputation.

    I've always been neutral when it comes to phones, but the sheer shamelessness and childishness of samsung now makes me boycott all their products. I don't want to support a company like this that not only tries to ruin the competition but also snarkily offends and looks down on the users of that company in a retarded attempt to make people change to them instead. Most phones are good, no matter which company they come from, all having different merits and demerits, but if I am going to buy a phone for a high price, I'd rather support a company that I appreciate rather than something like samsung, a company that clearly has no respect for other people at all. The people responsible for samsung and stuff like this commercial should grow the fuck up, not the other way around.