Samsung GALAXY J3 2016 Ultimate REVIEW, Tips & Tricks! (After 30days)

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The Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)- full Review, Pros & Cons, cool software features, gaming & camera performance!
The Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 or Galaxy J3 6 a.k.a. Galaxy J3 Boost (USA) is an entry level Android smartphone from Samsung priced at 8990 Rs ~ $140, available only on Snapdeal in India.

Overall for the price, this seems like a decent all-in-one phone with a colorful 5″ 720p SAMOLED display, big 2600 mAh battery, 8MP + 5MP cameras, 1.5GHz quad-core CPU, 1.5GB RAM, 8GB (4.27 GB free out-of-the box) storage and Android 5.1 OS.

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  1. Hi Sukesh (hope I spelled that right) Thank you for doing such a thorough review, showing the real features of this phone. I like that this can be hooked up to a mouse and keyboard. I have a question. Does this phone do decent videos?

  2. I bought one but the letters are with shadow/contrast, because mine doesn't have the menu accessibility high contrast text option what do not get off. You know-tell me how to overcome this situation?

  3. Lol man is chatting rubbish I have the Samsung galaxy J3 6 and everytime I get a message it flashes then when I am on different apps or the internet the led light flashes. Try for a fact that you have to turn the light on in settings looooool