Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) – Unboxing & First Look (4K)

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Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) Unboxing , setup and first look.
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  1. i have phone protection, and my moto g plus wont hold charge no more……… i clash royal alot lols, so they gave me a replacement phone and it was this, good bye ok google waaaaaa

  2. I'm 11 and I got this phone last year. It was actually pretty good but a few wks ago it stopped working. The screen started glitching. About 1 wk ago it went blank. Like the screen is black. I mean I still get notifications and my alarms working. But I cant use it. My mom has now promised me to get the iPhone of my choice for Christmas. Help me decide which one to get: IPhone 8 plus or IPhone 6s plus????? Plz help

  3. Apart from the ultra power saving bit, this phone is the worst phone ever!!! I have that phone right now and it's so annoying, the storage is the worst!!! I want to throw it in the bin or just smah it!! Samsung what the hell were you thinking?!!!! Can't wait to get my Iphone!!