Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) Review

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The Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016 edition, aka J7 6) represents the new generation of affordable Samsung phones: with a stylish look, a sturdy metal frame, and even with a few premium features…

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  1. Got this phone today & i love it . if you're not a complete tech geek, you'll love it too . phone definately gets the job done for me though. fast & easy to use.

  2. Why do some Samsung Galaxy J7 don't have writing like DUOS in the back(especially in the end of the back) and some other do?Does this means that the phones that don't have writings in the back are fake or clones?

  3. My husband got me this phone last year as a replacement for a Galaxy S III. Imagine our surprise this afternoon when we got a message from Metro PCS about an update. He thought it was probably a security update, but to our surprise upon installing the update…it was an update to Android Nougat 7.1.1 !!!
    The phone is much more responsive, and has all the features of the Galaxy S 7, at a fraction of the cost. If anyone has a J7, look for this update and get it installed asap. You won't regret it !!

    Thomas and Mary Ames