Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) first encounter

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These are our first impressions from the Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017).
Full video review here

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  1. 300 euros?For this? DaFuq? I just bought 2 days ago a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with 350 euros, I had a super discount in my country.

  2. This is the mobile I have been waiting for, the spec etc. etc. is perfect for me, just wondering if anyone knows when it will be out in the UK?

  3. Which phones of Samsung in midrange supports Slowmo?Please add "Slowmo in cam" in your gsm arena phone finder filters…

  4. My dad has a Samsung Galaxy j7 2016 and it updated to the 2017 version except it has no fingerprint scanner but it acts like the s8 because the time on the lock screen is stacked on each other and the logos is completely different