Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 vs Huawei Mate 10 Lite – SPEED TEST – Which is faster??

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  1. You know, testing the initial ignition is discarded by introductions of intro in duration and a certain time programmed from the manufacturer to keep pressed the ignition button .-.

    and for sure….Huawei For The Best..!!

  2. People help me! I`m thinking between these two phones which to buy and I have not decided yet. It's not a problem for money, I want quality. Any suggestions?

  3. I have not had any Huawei so far. But I decided to exchange my Galaxy J7 2017 for Huawei MAte 10 Lite this week. The phone makes an amazing impression and besides, 64 lots of points in Antutu. 4GB RAM 64GB built-in plus 32GB on the card. Do not compare Amoled to IPS, you will not know that Amoled will have more vivid colors for me as very sugary. As long as I do not regret it, I did not exchange it for Huaweia