Samsung Galaxy J7 MAX VS Samsung Galaxy J7 PRO

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Samsung Galaxy J7 MAX VS Samsung Galaxy J7 PRO


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  1. J7 Pro wins. It has great camera front or back 4K shots, gorilla glass and Super AMOLED screen , and slick metal body ( comes in gold color 😀 ). now has touchscreen and always on display too. Perfect for those who like taking pictures day or night ( specially night shots with J7 Pro ) got it for my wife. she loves it.

  2. Haridas KhumanthemFirstly, l bought a samsung Galaxy J7 2016 photo quality good everything good and next i have bought samsung galaxy j7 max 2017 very big problem photo quality is no good and it has a great problems in some old games

  3. Bueno. Yo no entiendo a la Samsung. Como es que va a poner en el J7 Max mas memoria Ram que en el Pro ? y de paso es mas barato el J7 Max que el J7 Pro ? esos 4GB de Ram del J7 Max tenian que ir en el J7 Pro y el procesador también, el de 2.6 GHz comparado con 1.6 GHz del J77 Pro. No entiendo porque hacen esos cambios tan malos .