Samsung Galaxy J7 Perx (2017) Review Boost Mobile HD

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HD review of the new samsung galaxy j7 perx 2017 on boost mobile.

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  1. I had the new Sky Pro , it got stolen so i got the new Perx cuz it was an updated Android Version. But come to find out, the Sky Pro camera has 13MP and the Perx only 8MP. The Sky Pro has a Super AMOLED Screen, the Perx only basic HD. So I'm mad at myself for not ReBuying the J7 Sky Pro

  2. The only reason i can tell the difference watching YouTube videos on 720p screen is because most times im watching on my dad's S6 EDGE (2560*1440 for 577 ppi)

  3. Worst phone I've ever had, waste of money, only had for almost a month, b4 i pay another dollar , i will trash it and switch carriers….2 more days and I'll be done with this snail paced piece of junk

  4. Quick question. I am looking to purchase a new phone from Boost Mobile. My biggest concern is battery life. Would you recommend the Samsung J7 Perx or LG X Charge? Thanks. Appreciate the help.

  5. Worth Nothing that the chipset is manufactured in 14nm Finfet. modern fabrication, brings power consumption way low. Great battery life while having 8 cores at once up to 2.0ghz. Memory is DDR3L 1866. x9 LTE up to 300mbps down and 150mbps . Not bad for a budget phone and it can be unlocked for GSM usage 😀

  6. I own this phone…I know it's just a mid-range phone. With that said, the camera resolution is terrible with very limited range of focus in the depth of field. I am a semi-pro photography – perhaps I expect too much. Do not expect sharp scenic photos from this camera, the background will be blurry and out of focus.

  7. The battery life is just ridiculous how does Samsung do this shit? The past phones they sold all had such good battery life. Honestly Samsung might be around for longer than you think.

  8. Hey dragonicwarfare I'm a a boost mobile costumer and Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge user and I was wondering if you know if the Samsung Galaxy J7 Perx can download the World of Warships blitz if so can you make a video of it or contact me about it please and thank you.