Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime – Coca Cola Test! (4K)

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Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Coca Cola Test!

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  1. Ahy la coca me da ascooo jsjsjjsjjssaaaaa pedazo de forro esta alpedo sus papis le compra celular y los rompe aciendo pruebas como se ve q es un vago con manos de cenizienta

  2. You know this was helpful if you managed to drop you phone in coca cola but maybe you should do what happens if you put the j7 prime in water cause that is more optimal to happen ? no shade

  3. Mine just gone in a tub for just submerged in 10s. And has been sent to hell forever. Try to do whatever I can for the wake up service. Take the battery off. Drying on and off for 3 hours. Fcuk!!!