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Hey friend!!
In this video you will find how to increase volume of your Samsung Galaxy J7.

Volume Fix File :

Es File Explorer :

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  1. hey buddy my samsung j7 just updated to the latest M firmware. will this file work with the new update or will i have to down grade the firmware to use this file??

  2. that video it dont help me at all and dosent not show how to get poweron sound back but you know what I am going to put in nthe garbage right now if cant get the sound back on my phone then i well put in the garbage .

  3. OmG! can you please speak slower and in a clear and concise voice? Not only is your accent a major hurdle when trying to "guess" what you are saying but you must really think you are actually saying something useful. please! go back to middle school and take some more lessons on diction. the only word I was able to make was: thank you….

  4. hi sir

    i have used for Samsung galaxy j7 prime
    this phone speaker single
    how to activate for front speaker activate in media surround stereo speakers plz tell me sir

  5. Thank you,it worked,although you didn't increase headphone volume and you increased speaker volume too much which could damage the speaker so i changed it myself

  6. Hello, bro i have samsung galaxy j5 prime, can that solution also will be work with it? If not! I tell you, what happens with my smartphone. See, Yesterday I was dropped my phone into deep water, but i removed from it intently. So, my phone is working fine after that. But problem is that, all ring tones and notification sound are working fine but media volume like apps music and video music are not working, I did all things with it like factory reset and also hard reset, but nothing was happening.
    So, please tell me bro your solution, if you like.
    I'm waiting for you reply,