Samsung Galaxy M40 Review with Pros & Cons – Mixed Feelings

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Samsung Galaxy M40 Review with it’s Pros & Cons including camera review the Samsung M40 has a Snapdragon 675 SOC a 6.3″ Full HD+ screen comes with 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage a triple rear camera and a front punch hole camera setup and I give you my impressions in this review.

Samsung Galaxy M40 is sold in India via

My Samsung Galaxy M40 Unboxing & Overview video


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  1. Does this phone have 4g for both SIM or its switching mode of one SIM is 4g then other with not like galaxy on max?
    Does the phone give customization in pic edit for built in effects? Like changing intensity, brightness after applying a effect

  2. Hi have not unboxing of samsung galaxy a10,a20 ..I think these two smartphones are very good interms of specification and price wise…you should unboxing

  3. Placement of speaker is not good in m40 when we talk on phone its there is type of (goonz ) and sound is not cleared . Kindly avoid this phone …. Don't buy this phone not at all worth it .

  4. I don't like the phone. No 3.5 mm jack, auto brightness sensor, no notification light, TFT screen. Mid range phones have these features. I would not recommend to anyone.

  5. My 10 months old Poco F1 still beats this newly launched model.
    High end processor, better battery life, better screen quality, awesome camera and loud audio, with audio jack.

  6. Please don't mislead viewers by saying that call quality is very good. I have been using this phone for past 13 days and for your record, call quality is poor. It gives an artificial hollow sound. It's also low in volume. If you are not in a very quite room it is difficult to understand the person at other side of the call. I have also spoken to a few customers of this phone and they all are having the same issue of poor in-call sound quality. The sound is not clear. So who ever is saying that it has a decent call quality is making a fool of other people. You may be getting some sponsorship from the sellers or manufacturers of the phone to shell out reasonably good reviews. But being tech reviewer please give honest reviews and don't dish out wrong information.