Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Features Apple Should STEAL For iPhone 11

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The Galaxy Note 10 is here. I spoke all about it with Daniel Bader from Android Central, so be sure to check that video out if you haven’t already.

Now, I want to talk about the feature from the Note 10 I’d love to see Apple bring to the iPhone 11… or iPhone 12 if they’re already locked and loaded for September.






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  1. The biggest feature users in Serbia want us AppStore. Apple for years sells their hardware in Serbia without official AppStore. So ridiculous and very soon users will start lawsuits…

  2. How about a higher entry storage option. 256gb compared to 64gb is cra-razy. I remember paying top dollar for the highest end 256gb iPad Pro back in 2015/16 and that’s the starting storage for the note. Wild.

  3. I do like your videos, but I really don’t like the fact that you are kind of tricking the listeners and the viewers into the ad segment. It is not like I want to skip them, but I just don’t want to discover in the middle of the sentence that you are now in the middle of the ad.

  4. I know this video will get views but The iPhone 11 has been mappedout/designed/had it's features planned for a year or two at least so Apple adding features to a phone that's a month from realease just because A Samsung phone that just came out had them is NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. Maybe they'll add some of these features to the iPhone 13 though

  5. dont support apple scam product and bad third party software so boring, it's for beginners you are supposed to master it and leave that trash please sir, even budget devices with original software is better than their flagships and has more features works and has working high quality non buffering options. since 2001 it's worth leaving apl

  6. This video just reinforce my belief in why I can't get behind the Apple wave tho I like their product. Apple gets praise when they "steal" features from their compensation but when it's the reverse people would mock and humiliate Samsung or Android when they try to implement IOS features (granted that the Implementation is not perfect). What happen to competition smh. Kinda like a kid that wants what other people have but doesn't share.

  7. This "switch" for fast charging would be nice and also some customization inside system. Apple should give us more freedom with home screen arrangement, widgets, icon sizes and so on.

    But i care more about battery sizes and price as this is main issue right now

  8. I think a dex like feature would be really great for iPhone. Imagine having Mac Os integrated into iOS, and being able to use it whenever you want just by plugin it into a cheaper non Apple device. Apple claims the their chips are faster then most laptops, well let's see how true that is by integrating full on Mac Os into IPhone. Samsung takes a lot of risk and some of them actually are really good ideas. If Samsung keeps working on Dex, a few years from now they will have Dex so far ahead that it would take Apple a decade to catch up if they decided to implement it into iOS. Apple can basically turn your IPhone into a Mac mini on the go if they wanted to.

  9. My personal iPhone 11 wishlist :

    – 1440p display
    – SD card compatibility
    – dual physical SIM compatibility
    – reverse wireless charging
    – wide-angle lens
    – 480 fps slo-mo (idk why but if OnePlus can do it…)
    – USB-C
    – 128 GB base storage instead of 64 GB