Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Hands On Footage

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is around the corner. Currently speculation suggests there will be two versions of the Galaxy Note for 2019. The original thinking was that Samsung would release a Pro version of the Note to live alongside the standard. Note 10+ hands on footage seems to point to a more traditional smartphone approach. Note 10 models would exist as follows, Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

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  1. The Note series attracts more 'business-minded' people so 'PRO' makes more sense. Last I heard, they were KEEPING the 'PRO' name.

  2. I have a friend who works there. It's glass all over, light can pass from one side to the other and it's purpose I guess is to connect all the departments via line of sight

  3. Samsung really needs to consolidate. Do one release per year. Have the small more affordable Se model, a mid ranged S model and then have the Note be the largest model with an S Pen.