Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Has Cool Features

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  1. I just hope it comes with a pen. Omg imagine if apple had their own note series i would not be surprised if they were to sell the pen separately lmao

  2. Honestly guys coming from a note user 4 years and then going to the S10 plus and having the hole punch, I literally never look at it it doesn't bother me the littlest bit the screen is so beautiful

  3. Just traded in my Note 8 for the S10 plus and can't wait to drop the 1600 bucks on the Note 10 LOL no hesitation just going to eat rice for a few months. Good trade

  4. As long as they continue the series of phones that do have a PEN is great. But the problem I have with making the pen have a camera and other more advanced features would be the higher cost to replace a pen, keep the pen simple, I know Samsung is trying to make the phones have their forward camera placed behind the screen and be able to take the picture through it technology.

  5. I know lot of people want bigger screens but honestly its a hassle for me. I really like the design and features of galaxy note but always end up getting the s-series for a more manageable screen. If there's a slightly smaller note variance I'd totally get that!

  6. comon just stick to 1 varient samsung! i hate the "look you can choose between 100 diffrent verzions of the same phone". /facepalm