Samsung Galaxy Note 10 In 2020! (Still Worth It?) (Review)

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 came out in 2019, so how does it hold up in 2020? Let’s find out!

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  1. I used to love Note series. but now, instead of the pencil, there isn't a big difference that'll make you buy Note instead of S series. In the past, everything was better, processor, screen, battery, software, EVERYTHING!. But now it's not that hard to distinguish a Note from a S. Hope you guys respect my opinion overall. I'm not a truly Samsung fan but I had lots of Samsung phones in the past. I had a Samsung Galay note 5 but it didn't impress me. The battery was weak and even after a couple of months it started lagging. The screen was incredibile, though. After the Note 5, I took my dad's old Galaxy note 4 which seemed to be better than the note 5 ( built, and reliability). After the note 4 I got a Xiaomi Mi 8 pro which was VERY impressive for the price. Except for MIUI. Pretty weak software as it wasn't well optimized. Finally, the phone I use now. An OnePlus 8. This phone actually got me impressed along with OnePlus itself! A great software combined with the snapdragon 865 and the good optimization.

  2. Note 10 user. Lost my note 8 on the farm last year, and needed a phone that day. I'll blame my lack of research at the time but I didn't get the plus model note 10, it came down to the price between the two. I don't hate it but after almost a year of use and new phones released with much better features for less its a little disheartening. The battery I feel is too small for actual all day use. It also doesn't help that I'm still paying full original retail price. It's a good phone, but I'm already looking for a new one and it's not even been a year. It's just unimpressive for a flagship phone, especially compared to everything that has come out since then. I'm still content using it for now, but I'm left feeling a little disappointed.

  3. Honestly Samsung downgrade after the note 9.the only way I could get the same specs that I bought my note 9 with is to get the ultra and it's never as good as the note 9

  4. We all complain that Samsung do this, and then do that and then take this of there phones… but still buy them…. so WHY.. the fact is that they look a shit load better than any Apple phone & Gee's you can do so much more with them.I have waited almost a year with my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and WOW the Note 10+ 5G is a incredible phone to use..I have no Complaint..I love it

  5. I picked one up from my carrier. I went it wanting to try the S20 ultra but saw they had one note 10+ available. I picked it up but at full price. I still have a week in my buyers remorse period and although I love this phone… Paying full price may not be worth it. Thoughts?

  6. I sold my note 10 plus for nice money and in retorn i recived a note 10 the smaler brother and for my personal use screen and battery life dont feel any difetence in day to day use micro sd, guys 256gb+ clouds and stuff to be honest the smaller is just smaller in screen size the rest is the same thing trust me. Much more comfortable that's for sure, screen i though I would feel a big difference and batery life and none of those were a issue…aspects on paper that's what it is so got my coin and a smaller note for the note 10+ nice deal for me… so I'm saying this caz I have both experiences .

  7. I need to know is it worth buying Note 10+ in July 2020, knowing it won’t support android 12? In other words, will I have issues because I won’t be able to upgrade it after a year?

  8. I know we adapt to wherever we are having like the removal of the jack 3.1, etc…, but I will miss the hart sensor already included in the phone.😢

  9. you sound like you're scared that you're dad's gonna run into the room and beat your ass for being too loud or something. whats with the mumbling? no hate its just odd