Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs Galaxy S10 Plus

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The Galaxy Note 10 Plus is here — but whenever a new phone comes out, the previous editions get a bit more affordable. With all of the changes made to the Note line in their latest offering, have Samsung made the Galaxy S10 Plus an even better deal? Joshua Vergara compares the two ahead of our Note 10 reviews to find out.


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  1. I love the s pen. I know it isn’t for everyone but it is definitely a big part of my phone decision making. I use it to take notes in work and when watching educational videos or listening to audiobooks. Writing has a bigger impact in memory than typing does. I also sketch with it, edit pictures and videos on my phone with it. The extra precision makes a big difference. Then there are things like on screen writing, media controls, translate, crop, magnify. Man the list goes on.

  2. how can do u actually the stop battery from one UI ? why Huawei software is so much better than Samsung ? We can't just put this beast into power saving mode then we will defeat the purpose of this device.

  3. Note because i like its quality and crativity that it has.also its a powerhouse and i need it to replace my laptop since i sold mine and i like maximum mobility.laptop for my job is too sluggish

  4. I've been a fan of the Note series since the Note 3. I have the Note 10+ mostly because of the s-pen and additional ram. I sign a lot of documents and do editing on my phone. It's easier to get things done with a Samsung Galaxy Note

  5. Is so annoying that some ppl say note phones are just s series with a pen. Isn't it the same for P30 to Mate 30 in camera differences, X to XS with some minor differences.

  6. The sound on the top doesn't come from the back it comes from the top and front there's a little hole up there on top it's the more oval one to the left side an extremely thin slit on the top of the screen

  7. The note 10 has a single front camera but the S10 plus has a camera and a depth sensor. So there's no excuse for the S10 plus to do live focus video at least with the front camera.

  8. The S10+ is really good and I want to save money, thought there is no 256 GB version of it and 512 is too much for me. And I really want the depth sensor. Those are the only reasons I'm going for the Note10+

  9. Currently have the S9 plus and looking to upgrade…. I think it will be the S10 plus. Had a few Galaxy Notes and did not like being tied to the pens, especially if you ending losing the pen. Love the Samsung cameras… that's a given.

  10. Can you please tell me where you found the clear case for note plus.
    And my note plus did come with headphones. You can plug the headphones into the battery port. And Samsung sells an adapter if you want to use any headphones.

  11. They didn't step up the speaker game. The note 10 sounds worse and quieter than the S10 due to the top speaker being bottom firing into the body of the phone. It's very unfortunate. On top of that, the ultrawide hasn't changed. It's 16mp on the S10 as well..