Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – Unboxing and First Impressions

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – Unboxing and First Impressions
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  1. I love yours cats 🐺
    I am from india
    I love yours voice $ unboxings styles
    Dude please tell me one more things
    Do You have any informations abouts Is samsung note 20 is releasings in which month of 2020…. reply me bro i am waitings your answers

  2. Flossy long time viewer of your channel. My dad is due for an upgrade and the note 10 is avaliable for sprint for 450(20 a month) the note 10 plus is not on sale however. You think I should pull the trigger and grab this for him!? My only concern is the battery life.m

  3. Dude those AKG earphones was worth 200 – 250 U.S dollars here in the Philippines , 1 dollar = 50 philippine pesos , I'm amazed youre letting your cat just bite your AKG earphones and accessories and stuffs, I hope I was a rich as you , but either way . . . Note 10 owner here unfortunately I am stuck with the Exynos chipset 🙁

  4. I fall under the category of "fuck a big phone". I prefer 1 handed operation, and the 10+ is just wayyyyyyyyyy to big for 1 hand.

  5. guy complained about how hard it is to deal with the power button being switched from the right to the left.

    ex iPhone user crossing over to the dark side, just looks at him