Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10 + VS Galaxy NOTE 9

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Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10 + VS Galaxy NOTE 9

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  1. Big Main Feature Note 9 Have Headphone Jack 👍.
    Clearly Win Note 9 Thatsall.
    I Bought Note 9 Last Sunday (2/2/20) Because Only Reason 3.5MM Headphone Jack.
    But Note 10 Also Too Good.
    samsung is SAMSUNG(ANYTIME)💚

  2. Note 9 robi ładniejsze lepsze zdjęcia, Note 10+ robi bardziej różowe twarze i daje wiecej fioletu, w słońcu widać przeswietlenia

  3. I have the note 9 and I made the right decision of not going up to the note 10 plus
    Note 9 is heavier .the note 9 has a higher 598 ppi . Better RESOLUTION. The screen is is hardly not much larger in width and the length. It is only a less them a quarter of a inch. I'll wait till next yr .

  4. This is so embarrassing for Samsung plus they have a hole punch and lost the headphone jack

    Had my note8 for 2 years now and looking to upgrade because phone contract
    Going to have to go with ASUS ROG phone 2 or note 9