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On Pocketnow Daily, we will be getting to Samsung Galaxy Note 10 variants according to a new report. The Nokia X71 is a powerful mid-ranger available in Thailand. The new iPhones will be changing in sizes but not in display technology. According to Richard Yu, Huawei will take the crown for sales from Samsung next year. We end today’s show with deals for the Apple Watch Series 4.

All this and more after the break.

– Samsung reportedly working on a smaller Galaxy Note 10

– Nokia X71 goes official in Thailand

– Foxconn gearing up to start producing iPhones in India

– 2019 iPhones to stay the same as 2018, but 2020 iPhones will all be OLED

– CEO believes Huawei will overtake Samsung in 2020

– Take up to $50 off various Apple Watch Series 4 models

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  1. I loved my note 9 but sold it due to wanting a smaller phone, switched to an IPhone XR and this thing is pretty badass, it just works , all the time. But Samsung definitely would have my attention again with a smaller note 10

  2. NOTE10e- 4,000mAh battery,6.1"flat screen,side fingerprint and also triple camera.
    NOTE10- 4,500mAh battery,6.7"edge/flat screen,ultrasonic fingerprint and also quad camera.

  3. Can anyone tell me where I can get this T-shirt that Jaime is wearing? I've looked all over Ript Apparel's website but I couldn't find it.
    Thanks in advance! ?

  4. 6.2 inch maximum size phone i will ever buy even with taller aspect ratio. So note 10.e would be great. I was thinking of s10 but i wanted more battery may note 10e might be

  5. While I prefer a larger screen I would be drawn to a potential Note with a smaller holepunch for the front camera. I basically never take selfies so having less of my screen obstructed by camera holes is ideal.

  6. Honestly if the only sacrifices for a new Note 10e is screen size….and less cameras , like having the same main and wide angle cameras found on the normal note 10…..I'm down, specially if it means it will have a smaller price…

  7. Using a huawei phone. I admit its great considering that I bought this cheaper than the s8 when it first launched. But software IMO is subpar to samsung's. Just recently i found out that my phone cant convert sms into mms. Found out the hardway when I needed it the most.

  8. Smaller screen variants dont interest me, flat screen does…. Galaxy notes should have flat screens…. Like the note 5..Using stylus in the curves really bugs me.. Honestly… Note8 user here..

  9. I've never considered Note phones due to their size but always wished they made a compact version. I recently got the s10 over s10+ purely for the size

  10. Definitely we want a smaller Note 10 with s-pen abilities. We would like to see s-pen with a smaller device. Less than 152mm tall, a FLAT screen and no-notch. And of course side or in-screen fingerprint reader.