Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Most Useful S-Pen Features And Hidden Tips & Tricks (Part 2)

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This video contains most useful tips and tricks of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which you can do using the S-Pen Stylus which comes with this device. You can check out our previous video:

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  1. Hey Rohit – can you please tell me how to turn on the s pen shortcut in notification panel? As I take out the s pen the home screen does not change and even recommended shortcuts do not appear in notification panel.

  2. at 5:40 the keyboard shows the words in the black area in blue color. it does not do this on my note 2. cant figure out which setting i need to enable for it. can u help

  3. how come when youre on the messaging part, what you write remains in the writing section and you can edit it from there? is there any options for that? cause mine is, when youre done written, automatically, it will erase everything you've written and there no option to edit it from there..

  4. I just purchased this phone,and is an incredible gadget.People see me with this and ask me what it is, a tablet or a phone? I tell them it is both. Love it.