Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Tips & Tricks Episode 86: Fix Lag & Unresponsive Touch Problem

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*Note 2 Tips & Tricks Table of Contents:
After you use your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for a while, you will eventually run into this problem where it becomes unbareably laggy to respond to your touches. It is most noticable in the UI, but luckily the problem is simple to fix. The problem is that you have run out of space on your internal storage. So just connect your Galaxy Note II to your computer and delete files to have at least 2GB of free space. Few recommendations, delete pictures and video from your DCIM folder. Move your downloaded files and other media such as music to your external SD. Then last, if you can, delete games you are no longer playing. After doing this, you should immediately notice that the lag has disappeared.

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  1. Thanks for the feedback. By any chance, are you running something other than the stock launcher? It could be a TouchWiz related issue. It seems to have to load the icons for the apps regularly as you're swiping through, and having low storage makes the loading of apps or icons very slow. The amount of icons that needs to be loaded may affect it as well.

  2. I think it's just that touchwiz takes a lot of memory, and uses the disk as a cache for the icons. When there is lack of storage space, the problem becomes severe. I guess other launchers would help and possibly moving icons to folders (have to test this one).

  3. Lag usually comes from having to offload things from memory and then loading cached items from the storage. I think if you can somehow control the amount of loading and the amount of free memory, it would help. That's why I use application monitor widget (on my main home screen). I try to keep that number low, and if it isn't anything other than green, I close out that app.

  4. Michael do you know how to fix or replace the nib/on the s pen because mine fell off and the rest of the s pen is fine
    What is it made of, should I use a silicon gun
    Please advice me

  5. For some reason when I receive a sms, the flash on my camera goes off when it comes through. I can't find how to turn it off, can anyone help please? Running jb and nova launcher. Thanks in advance 🙂

  6. Sometimes my phone lags because the ram needs to be cleared. I use taskiller or long press the center button and use the samsung task killer. Also a good phone restart helps every now and then too.

  7. Glad To See Your Back
    Cant Wait For My Note 3 To Arrive
    And I Cant Wait To Get Your Feedback And Tips !
    Your The Best Samsung Manual There Is
    Thanks For All You Do !!!!!!

  8. Note ll voice problem. I had a Galaxy Slll and when I used the bluetooth ear unit it would read back its command. If I said call 203 ??? ???? it would say calling 203 ??? ????. With the Note ll it dose nothing, I can't hear it dial nor dose it confirm the if I can't see the phone I have no idea if it dialed or not. I compared all the settings with the Galaxy Slll but still no voice, I called Samsung and still no voice. Any ideas ? I have another problem as well but one at a time.

  9. Mike, i have both the American Note 2 & the Korean Note 2. And for some reason, the Korean version doesnt allow me to send long text messages. As far as I know, all the settings are exact. Any suggestions?

  10. I have a question, im getting an error message that reads " storage space running out" and ive tried going to the application manager and selecting my apps and putting them on SD card but it seems not to be working… any ideas on what I can do to adequately put my apps on the sd card or free up some of the space on my internal memory?

  11. They never fixed it. I remember long time ago, watching your videos about Note2, and you said maybe an update or patch will fix the issue. but still nothing. it seems like Note 3 has the same issue but its no where near as delayed as Note2. btw, another question. im currently on 4.1.2 T-mobile US. Why is there no updates yet?

  12. When editing text specifically SMS very often typing does not result in anything in the text area. Only after moving the curser to other areas and back several times the device writes the text. Any idea? 

  13. Every time I try to do this, the files end up restoring themselves a few minutes later.  This is driving me crazy!  I have unsync'd every program that I can find that auto syncs….the files keep coming back!  CRAZY  I've cleared the cache on these programs, uninstalled them, deleted accounts like google, facebook, samsung……..still the files keep restoring after I delete them!!