Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – THIS IS IT!

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra Official Leaks & Rumors covering the design, build, 120Hz display, release date, performance, cameras, battery and price.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra CONFIRMED! –
Why we still use the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus in 2020 –
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: Two Months Later –
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus: Two Months Later –

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  1. We all absolutely hate Samsung. Nowadays, in order to survive in the competitive market with Xiaomi, Realme, and Oppo, Samsung is giving very negligible quality hardware on budget and mid-range phones. In addition to the flagship phones, the processor is also different. They are giving good processors in their own country and in other countries they are giving their own bad, weak Exynos processors. Because of their contradictions, we should be united around the world and refrain from buying all kinds of phones made by them as long as they keep themselves away from this contradictory behavior.

  2. Samsung has launched the Note 20 Ultra, the ultra-premium flagship and on the other hand, Oneplus has fierce competition with the Oneplus 8 Pro, which is often praised as the best phone to be launched in 2020 till now. Should you pick one phone over the other? That's what we'll find out in this video.

  3. Recent samsung phones contains some problem with in the camera..I bought a7 2018 approx. 65 thousand last year in Feb after updating its software its camera got blurred ….not thinking to buy samsung expensive phones now…👎

  4. Question1: Does the HDMI gives the output to TV Realtime while shooting the video with Note20 or note 20Ultra?.

    Question2: Can an external Mic be connected to with Note20 or note 20Ultra while shooting video with 3.5mm?

  5. I currently have the Note 9 Plus. I am dismayed at the loss of the headphone input. I can't have things in my ears. I have headphones I currently use. What do you suggest for use with the Note 20 Ultra? Noise cancelling headphones? Which ones would you suggest? Bluetooth, etc.? Totally at a loss here. I want the Note 20 Ultra in BRONZE!! I just need advice on which headphones would be best. Thanks so much!!

  6. Please make the complete deep video about camera comparison of N20 Ultra & N10+, because N10+ are the first upgrader for their Notelineup From N10+ To N20U

  7. Beware unreliable SCREEN QUALITY ? Horizontal grey lines, flickering screen, faded colours …..

    I bought a Note 9 only 13 months ago – the screen started flickering and grey horizontal lines for the last 3 months,
    about the time when the Feb samsung update. Some people online claim this horizontal lines, greying of resolution and flickering is due
    to Samsung's software update. A samsung store technician said the screen is damaged – brand new phone !!!
    (I worship my phone and never dropped any phones for 15 years). It's frustrating on a high end phone – beware of this NOTE 20 – it may inherit the same crappy broken screen.

    Otherwise : Camera and functionality – excellent and flawless

  8. I hate it when Samsung tried to look like playing safe..they should focus about user experience like Apple Does…back then, i was mad about the overpriced smartphone but now i totally care about about overall quality portrayed by smartphone that suit for people need..Please Samsung Just Give Snapdragon For Worldwide and At the same time you can improve your Chip Processor for next Smartphone!!

  9. The cuts on the base model is complete billshit.

    First, every Note since the Note 7 have been 1440p. The last base model Notes, all had glass backs. Why change these?

    Plastic? For $1000?

    Samsung can afford to keep glass design. If not glass, make it all Aluminum.

    The Ultra coming in cheaper than the S20 Ultra is a surprise.

    The cameras are not a deal maker or breaker. But no SD on the base model again is BS.

    The Note is suppose to be the be all get all.

    Now it is more just an S with a Pen

    The Note is ruined.

    I still have my 9. I did buy the 10 and used it for 5 days before I felt it was not worth the price.

    The S20 Ultra was also very disappointing. For me the only S models I ever had was the S3, S6, S8 because of the Note 7 issues.

    I've had the Note 2,3,4,5,7,8,9 and only the 3 and 7 were my favs. The 9 9s more like holding on to the good ole days.

    The 10 is cool, just not what I liked.

    The 20 is just a bigger version of the 10.

    It is getting boring.

    I think I may pass. I do love the color.

    I think I just want the Tab S7+ and the new buds.

    I will skip on the phone yet again. I hope the next Note is a bigger change over my 9.

  10. You never listen to us Samsung 😡

    Again and again Exynos bullshit… Not even 1% user liked that and you are listening? Joke? 🤬

    You can experiment Exynos with mid range smartphones – Not with "S" and "Note" series again Please 🙏

  11. If you have a good phone, keep it. Most likely businesses are selling junk, and making a killing off consumers showing off their fancy looks. They don't ever want to make a good phone again like the Note 4 or the Galaxy S5. Samsung put a defected update on the Note 4 and slowed it down to force consumers to upgrade. Some people are still trying to purchase the Note 4. They are hard to find. Some of these businesses will take you down to the streets, and still try to get blood from a turnip! Have some sense in this evil corrupt world!

  12. I was so pissed when people were saying the dumbest shit like "dont buy an s20 ultra, wait for the note 20 ultra" and then this is what it is. Just more power efficient and a pen. Glad I didn't wait.
    And a bigger finger print sensor.