Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra | Unboxing & Full Tour

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Unboxing Samsung’s mighty Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, a 6.9-inch phone beast boasting an upgraded best-ever S-Pen, triple lens camera tech, 120Hz WQHD+ display and proper premium specs. Here’s my hands-on review with the Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G, including a test of the camera features, tour of the OneUI software and a look at that stylus.

So this behemoth of a smartphone is one of the best Galaxy handsets of 2020, as far as specs and the rest go. Creative users will love the improved pen, which now feels as natural as sketching on paper – with the near-zero latency, it’s fast and fun. The media chops are top notch too, thanks to the smart audio features, sharp HDR10+ screen and nippy connectivity.

Here in the UK sadly you get the Exynos 990 chipset vs the Snapdragon 865, but so far it seems to be fast and should last all day.

Ahead of my full Galaxy Note 20 Ultra review, here’s a look at the most interesting bits of Samsung’s mighty mobile. I’ll be fully testing the camera, which offers a 5x optical zoom and super-quick focus, as well as the gaming performance and battery life. Check out my 3 days with the Ultra video, coming at you in a couple of days!


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  1. Thanks to the clever peeps who pointed out the strange noise is actually the telephoto lens, it's a lot less 'creaky' after a couple days of use. Been doing lots of gaming etc, full 3 day update coming on Monday. Cheers everyone!

  2. They keep adding features that I never really use. How about a battery that would last me from 2-3 days? This is a massive phone and I have to charge everyday by noon.

  3. Thanks for sharing have you had a really close look at your screen on galaxy note 20 ultra 5 G it looks like there is already a screen protector on it as where the font camera hole is slightly below what looks like a screen protector.seems to have a couple of mill lip.

  4. Hi thanks for your vidoes! Could you please advise, I just bought Samsung Note 20 Ultra and the camera module makes sound even from the minimum shaking. It sounds like one of the camera is moving. Is it normal or it shouldn't give any noise?