Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Camera Quality Test

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Camera Quality Test

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  1. If I had a case and or a Tripod to hold the Phone I could have gotten better video. Scary holding that thing up. Also this is not full quality video or pictures looking back on my phone…just wow, The video is probably 3 times better than what you see on the video. its something you have to see your self.

  2. Dolphin Emulator is still in alpha, even the power of the note 3 cant make it run smooth. The App has to be worked on. Once it has passed its alpha stage and moved on to a beta or a stable version, thats when it will show on the phone.

  3. I tried to do a video of my kids singing and when I played it back the quality was terrible the whole thing looked like it was made of big cubes. How do I fix his?

    Thanks in advance

  4. unless you have a program to encode the video at full 4k and as well as have a 4k display, its not gonna make a difference. The quality of Pictures and Video the Note 3 can produce far exceed almost any Computer display can handle. unless you running a 4k display and run it straight from the phone you not gonna get the full quality.