Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Drop Test!

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is finally out – so, of course, Josh has to drop it. IT’S DROP TEST TIME!
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  1. Ive had my note 3 at&t ever since 2013 the day they came out and ive droped it over 50 times on concrete on the face and the only thing i have is 1 hair line crack and the sides are chipped mine didnt shatter as bad as his did with just 1 little hairline

  2. mine falled nearly 1000 times ; all the sides and the possible ways it could fall, by december it'll be years of ownership :p once it fell from 30 ft I was on the ladder directly on the screen and till now the screen is intact superb phone

  3. I got this phone a year ago because of this and the review from Android Authority. Never paid that much for a phone but this one was worth it because it works like the day I got it with no lag that previous phones gave me awhile after use. I've dropped it dozen of times in a crappy case and a few bad drops with no case, face first, on concrete and no cracks. I swear everytime it lands on it's face and every time my heart stops a second lol.

  4. I dropped mine a lot and it's still in great shape in terms of the screen functionality. It slipped out my pocket when I got out of a truck and it fell straight onto the parking lot pavement without a scratch

  5. I dropped my note 3 to the floor when I tried to take out my bucket to after that the screen shut down completely, but the weird things there wasn't even scratches on the screen!!
    I think I wasn't lucky

  6. that must've been some shitty quality because I've dropped my Samsung galaxy note 3 PLENTY of times and there's no scratch in sight

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