Samsung galaxy note 3, Easily connect to Mac

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Easily transfer files from your Note 2 or and Samsung device. Very fast transfer.


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  1. I've been trying to download photos from my Sam N3 to my Macbook for 2 days … using Kies and another application with no success! Found this clip quickly on youtube and your 5 minute tutorial was so helpful!!!!!!!! Thank you … even explaining download/upload… non-tech chick with no clue 🙂

  2. This video seriously made my day, no matter how many times i tried transferring anything from my galaxy note 3 it would never work no matter how many times i've tried over the years……thank you so much

  3. Hi, I was wondering why don't my pictures show up in the airdroid in the laptop. My contacts appeared, but not pictures and music. Thank you!

  4. You are absolutely a legend! Thank you very much. I have been trying to download my photos from my note 3 to my Mac for the past few months and have been unsuccessful until this morning watching your video!!! Thank you again

  5. Hey, thank you for the video. It was so easy to follow all the steps but unfortunately no matter what I do both devices won't connect. I am in the same network with both and it just won't work.What happens if I sign up for an account? Can I still use all the features? because if it is not going to work via the QR Code, signing up for an account is my only option right? Thank you!

  6. Can I pass all of my musics from my cell to my mac?

    If so, Can I just pass them to a folder?

    I wanna switch phones andI want pass the musics from my old phone to my new phone.

  7. Good video man. I have a Note 3 and was concidering buying a MBPR. I was worried bout my phone having issues wit sharing wit an apple product. Thanx for clearing this up. Would I also be able to video stream to twitch with this setup?

  8. This application is used control a phone from a PC without a USB or bluetooth connection . Its not really back up software, and needs a wireless connection, so if you don't have a secure connection, don't do this.

  9. thanks mate , you have saved my day. :-))) i was pulling my hair trying to transfer the pictures .
    was going to buy a new cable ..not any more owe you one.

  10. SO GRATEFUL!! This video and app is the ONLY thing I have found to work for transferring the pictures and contact info from my parents old Galaxy to my Mac so they can also have iPhones like the rest of the family. THANK YOU!!!