Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for AT&T unboxing

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 is easily one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year. We just wrapped up a full review of the international model. But the device is also headed to the States with slightly altered internals. Out AT&T Galaxy Note 3 review unit just arrived, so we greeted it with the standard unboxing treatment!



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  1. Hey tm. I once commented on a video that unlocks your device with a little thingy, that you clipped on to your shirt and pants. Tuit on kickstarter is a funny unlock ring. Check it out no finger print needed x-)

  2. I love my note 3 over my note2 in so many ways. The thing that jacks me off is I payed 800+ for my at&t version and it did not come with HEADPHONES , that every other version has. Other then that it's a amazing device.
    Also the benefits in the USB 3.0 besides data transfer rate on some newer pc's, it charges the huge 3200mah battery in under an hour. So that's a huge benifit.

  3. why can't they make an unboxing where they haven't unboxed it before the video, like he obviously put the battery in the phone before the video was made.