Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for Drawing Hands On (together with Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition)

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Testing Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 10.1 for drawing.
App used: S Note (standard intergrated)
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  1. i don't know, don't see that in the specifications.
    but i think levels of pressure is not important at all. i've used wacom tablets of many kinds, 512 or 2048 doesn't make noticable differences to me.

  2. I've been debating this as a merit of the Note 3, good to see that it appears to work quite well. I look forward to seeing your impressions of Sketchbook on it. Do you have any opinion on Clover Paint?

  3. Guys! If you love drawing with S-Pen, share them on Pen.Up (Android App). I used to upload my drawings on instagram, but the new Pen.Up community is way more dedicated. I wanna make more friends there.

  4. how would you compare Note 10.1 2014 to other drawing pads/tablets and which program would you suggest is the best for color and or b&w?
    Nice video, just would like to see more art. You might want to monetize your videos also, in a non-diluting manner to help pay for your time and effort. Thank you from Sunny California.

  5. what about the edges?, I've noticed on the note 2 when reaching near screen edges the cursor would not be aligned correctly, is this issue fixed?

  6. Thank you! S note seems to be so much better now! Which other apps do you use? Can you make more tutorials please! Thanks once again for a good video!

  7. I don't draw (terrible at it personally) but I watched this to get an idea of the precision on the note 3 for numerous things. Very helpful.

  8. I have the Note 10.1 2012 edition, and when I tried the 2014 edition in Best Buy, it seemed like you couldn't free erase… like the eraser would remove an entire line when you touched it.  This is really not intuitive for art… did I miss a setting or something?  Or can you really not free erase?  It was like every line was an object, and the eraser just removed entire lines.

  9. +fardoche1991 yes, there is a setting that allows palm/finger rejection where the screen will only pick up on the pen. You can still use your fingers to make and alter options, however.

  10. I am looking into buying the galaxy note pro 12.2 but I am a bit skeptical on how well it can sketch… can you please do something more detailed….this will help. thx. LEOMAG

  11. Is that steve jobs you drew? Ha! Thanks for the review and drawing in real time instead of sped up so we can see what the delay etc. is like.

  12. This is a great video but in the future try to find a better microphone. If you're doing commentaries a lot I recommend the BLUE snowball.

  13. Graphics and design work. I have a new tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab. S, 10,5 inc., Octo-core processor, 16 Gb., 2015. For artistic creation, which is recommended to use the stylus compatible with this tablet? Thank you.