Samsung Galaxy Note 3 golden TIPS & TRICKS

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In this video we’re giving you some Tips and Tricks on how to get along and started with your Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It can be quite helpful for users whom are new to the device and maybe even new to Android in general!

• Note 3 review •
• Note 3 Hands-On •
• How to uninstall files properly •
• How to root the Note 3 •

Note 3 classic white:
Note 3 jet black:


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  1. Brian, at 22:04 on your video tutorial, you talk about doing something with a picture in the gallery. Looks like you are panning the photo. When I open a photo in the gallery, I don't have the little icon on the top left that you press.
     You say something about making a 3-D surround photo.

  2. When I go into S finder, I am not able to write at the bottom because there is a keyboard pad there. How do I remove the keyboard so that I can write?

  3. Give u a ? up for the video, me & the Mrs had this device for about 6mos now & still haven't Crack the surface on wat this device can do….. But I ask u were did u get that screen saver we got everything else but tat on my phone or 2014 10. 1 edition note tablet please feel free to reply tnks again

  4. I've watched tons of videos on this phone and the S5 but can't decide which one to get. I love love love the 5.7" screen of the note the supposed battery life and the features but will never use the s pen and is too big to fit in my pocket comfortably. I like how the S5 fits better in my pocket and is just a bit better performance wise compared to the note and the brighter colors of the screen. Any pros and con's from current owners who can give me some insight.

  5. I don't get the edit option on my note 3. When I take a screen shot I get the option to edit the picture but once i click the check mark I cant edit it anymore. Any ideas?

  6. Hiiii i cant work my knox soft ware how can i do it …. i installed it but when i add photos i cant open it.why it is so

  7. Help. Facebook has gone foreign in me. when I check postings or try to post the only thing I see in English is my name. Everything is in what almost sense like San script ( I think that's the word I'm looking for). I cannot obviously read it it resembles hieroglyphics. I have come to a full stop. Anybody got an answer. cheers

  8. Excellent video, I've had my note 3 along time and you still showed me things I was not aware of. thanks. Looking forward to more tips from you.

  9. Hi, my Note 3's Air Command consists of Action Memo, Smart Select, Image Clip, Screen Write & Pen Window. I don't have Scrapbooker & S Finder. How do I change the Menu in the Air Command as I need these both instead of teh Smart Select etc. Thanks