Samsung Galaxy NOTE 3 III TIPS & TRICKS (advanced) tutorial review [PART II]

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Galaxy S5 TRICKS!
Note 3 Tips & Tricks PART III
LG G2 tricks
This is the 2nd episode of the Tips & Tricks series reviews on the Galaxy Note 3, the most innovative phone yet! In this part, I have shown you some useful and hidden features of the gallery, image editor, clock & brilliant camera. Hope you will find this quite interesting.

So far, I have revealed a lot of gestures, hidden tweaks but I know there are hundreds more! I will keep you updated from time to time, so make sure you SUBSCRIBE & keep in touch.

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  1. Yes thanks I know the antennas in the battery and it is turned on.i just wondered if it was a common comes up saying that the Wi fi signal is weak, but that ain't right cause the signals strong

  2. i have a question for you that i cant seem to find any answer to anywhere … the SGN3 is said to have 3gb of RAM but i can only see "2,38gb" ,is it that "2,38gb up to 3gb" is saved for the system or what?

  3. I know what you're saying! i ordered a Samsung note 3 last tuesday, it arrived next day, Glad i hung to my trusty galaxy S2 and waited for this phone instead of the S4, This is the best phone i have had so far.

  4. Can u please tell me , can I change Voice comands for S-Voice ,like on Note2 ? I wanted to change how I make make camera take a picture, but I couldn`t find it! O.o Also, how can I record people from my Contact list ( the important ones ), so I can voice called them ? – I couldnt find that option… 🙁

  5. I just want to know how you get to know all this? I play with my note 3 and if it wasn't for you I would not know 3/4 of these tricks. Thank you so much for sharing. You have the best tricks then everyone else out there. I would love to know how to use the S note better. Any ideas? Can I bring a photo and add it to my S note folder? Have a great day!!

  6. I have the Note 3 and it's great. But the only problem is pictures with flash or without and in low light condition. It's horrible… Impossible to take a normal picture like my old galaxy S3. Pictures in low light are much better quality on the S3. I have already sent the Note 3 to Samsung for repair… Always the same problem.

  7. great tut – but I can't figure out many of the things you show.  I can't seem to get any of the gallery edits anywhere and don't have the same menus you show.  What did I miss???

  8. I fucking hate my note 3… Don't get me wrong it's an awesome phone, BUT it let down by Samsung not making updates to fix problems quick enough….

    I lose signal all the time, wifi is shit, my phone gets super hot Sometimes and sometimes it'll drain a full battery in 10 mins with nothing running….

    I'd swap it for an iPhone of it want for the fact I hate Apple so fucking much.

  9. Thanks for nice tips. Would you be able to show how to set home location on the phone , so that I can voice command to s voice to navigate me to home when I need it. At the moment it's just keep telling me to set the home location in settings. When a go in s voice setting only a dialogue box comes up to put the home add which is not linked to the map

  10. Hi, is the samsung galaxy note 3 sm n-9005 different from this one? Or is it the same thing? Right now i'm a bit lost with all these different models ( sm n-9000 / sm n-9005 / etc.. ) Are these features present on all samsung galaxy note 3? Thanks