Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – My Review & Best Features Highlighted

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Here is my personal review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I mention my favorite features and why I like this phone or phablet. Like I said this is MY PERSONAL OPINION. I hope you guys like the video and helps you in making a decision when considering a phone like this.

Check my Galaxy Note 3 playlist here:


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  1. I honestly haven't seen one lag on my note. Not once. I'm super impressed considering it's touchwiz. No need to flash CM. Besides the hardware android 4.3 is the very first Android finished product. 4.3 was amazing on my S4

  2. Also speaker performance is terrible compared to my note2 very weak and crackles at high volume . It really does annoy me when companies upgrade a phone degrade some components. Great review but like i say. Thanks

  3. The HTC One is still a great phone. I still believe that it has a better design and way bettef sound than the Galaxy Note 3. But I like the screen of the Galaxy Note 3 and the SPen features as well. Honestly they are 2 totally different devices for totally different taste.