Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Overview

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  1. @ Dave Samsung over the past year is actually the fastest or with android updates. In the past they where terrible. @gainescassie the have a review unit sent from sprint to review it before it's released and dieringer is right droid life dosnt mess with iPhone at all except Ron Ron loves iPhones

  2. Does this phone let you use data and voice at the same time? I think Sprint stopped doing that but not sure. My S3 has it but phones since then haven't

  3. Funny how Tim loved the Note 2 and seems bored and offended by the 3's size. Like he liked a girl, his friends made fun of her, and so now she disses her. I recall him being so stoked about the 2…and now it has a killer screen/specs and he's all like " meh".

  4. Comparing the Samsung galaxy note 3 to the iphone 5s is like comparing apples and oranges. It's all about your preferences people. Can't wait to get the note 3!