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  1. iphone 5s is the only 64 mega bit phone and no other phone offers that; at least not yet so therefore iphone 5s. i am personally waiting for iphone 6 hopefully its gonna have a bigger screen.

  2. I have a question. There are no graphics options in Real racing 3, but it looks better on Note 3 compared to when run on Note 2. How is that possible?

  3. Tem um pouco de lag, realmente o Real Racing 3 vem mal optimizado nas configurações ultra. No meu note 2 acontecem os mesmos legs quando está no ultra, no alto funciona perfeitamente !!! Cheguei a pensar que era falta de hardware para o game , mas pelo que vi é problema de optimização do próprio Real Racing !

  4. Still lags a bit on the note 3 when there's alot of cars.

    I guess the iPhone 5 and 5s (because of smaller screen) are still the handheld gaming smartphones to beat. (FPS-wise)

  5. For Some weird reason, when I downloaded on my G2 the game hacked itself and I had like 32,000,000 gold and 500,000,000 credits. What the f*** happened because i didn't want any hack :S

  6. hey brother i have this question that i want to ask i really need a replay so please do answer my question. Which mobile do you think is better? LG G2 or the note 3? and are the processors in these mobiles both the same??

  7. I don't see the point of playing this game, if you're gonna playing it with all the assist on. I don't see how it can be fun that way.

  8. This lags is because he change settings to play using XtraHigh Resolution in folder EDS  inside Android/Data/Realracing3
    And cause Note 3 is 1920x1080p this game play with some to much Lags and play in 6fps and 9fps max i have tested FPS using FPS METER and show lowest FPS and in  Galaxy Note 2 the game is most fast cause eventualy running in Default configurations in most cases is High Resolution this can do to play in 25fps and 35fps fine and good and obviously cause Galaxy Note 2 use max resolution to 1280x720p.
    Maybe WananXposed to Galaxy Note 3 Rooted can change resolution to play in lower resolution.
    But i have not tried yet.
    Same case to Asphalt 8 some Lag and low speed in High and Very High config.

  9. as you have your  internal memory because i have the same mobile and he has 16gb and the  game weighs 1.3gb and the cellphone  star to be hot and is so slow  help me please