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This video will show you how actually you can use any sim in the world on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Snapdragon device. If this mthod is not working for you watch the below video:


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  1. Apparently it's not working for everyone and some phones are still very much region locked after initial activation watch?v=ri_tz6HlsKo

  2. Which region is your Galaxy Note 3 from?

    Basically what lionking853 is claiming is that to get it unlocked the initial network registration has to be done using a SIM card issued in the region of your Galaxy Note 3, and *after that the device will be able to accept SIM cards issued in ANY region.

    Please verify with me Tchal, LionKing853

  3. I got my note 3 in England used a giffgaff sim, now I'm in the USA I got a pay as you go sim over here I put it in the phone and I got no problems with it cool.

  4. If you've started with a UK SIM and then put a Telenor SIM in (which probably comes from Scandinavia), the 2nd SIM comes from the same European region as the 1st (European = EU/EEA plus some others), so clearly it will work. The issue comes if you try to put a US SIM in the phone, which is from a different (American) region.

  5. uys!
    Users reported that NOTE 3 is regionally restricted and purposefully crippled by Samsung not to work outside the region is was purchased from! (meaning if I buy the phone in the EU I can only use it with an EU sim card, if I buy it in the US I can only use it with a LOCAL BUSINESS sim card! etc).. It also should be written on the box, on one side!

  6. Well, I've got an official answer from Samsung Mobile Italia, seems like you were right and, once the phone has been activated with the region sim, you can use it with any other region sim.

  7. What if i bought a Galaxy Note 3 from the Middle East and shipped it to the UK without activating it in the Middle East with a local sim. Can unlock the region lock by inserting the sim from the Middle East in the UK? Or should i be in the Middle East when inserting the sim in order for it to work everywhere else?

  8. ill b buying a note 3 in dubai and going to will it b region locked or not ?
    if yes then what should i do ?
    and if it gets region locked by mistake then what should i do ?
    will it b locked if i factory reset it ?

  9. hey planning to buy a note 3.
    right now im in dubai. will be going to india after some time, so will the phone get region locked in india ????
    and what if i factory reset it ?
    will it get region locked ?
    wht should i do ?
    and which one is better ?
    snapdragon or exynos ?

  10. I do not know what SAMSUNG decided to go bankrupt?
    I for example have changed my mind to buy Samsung Note 3
    it's scandalous!
    They motto – to make people's lives easier and easier, but in fact they are contrary to his own statements.
    Business segment travels frequently! How did they manage without calling?
    I am disappointed with Samsung.

  11. I bought a Samsung galaxy note3 from KSA. when I inserted a sri Lankan sim card it doesn't work and asking for a region unlock code. please could someone help me on this. please..

  12. it is worth noting that here is 2 versions of the galaxy note 3, the N9000 and the N9005 which is the international or western version. From what I understand the N9005 is a region Locked device sold in western countries, Europe, america etc. The other version, N9000 has some cheaper specs and is sold primarily in asian countries which may also include the Middle East. This asian version is not region locked. only the western N9005 with the snapdragon chip is region locked.

  13. I'm sorry but there is a major flaw with this video. The "international" sim that you have put into the device "Telenor" is from a Norwegian operator which still makes it an european sim. Your test sim should have been of an operator based outside of europe.

  14. I have a S4 mini I9190, rooted and running Android 4.4.2, how do I remove the region lock on my device ? Android 4.3 with Samsung implemented region lock, from what I understand ? Thanks for any help you can provide.I moved from Peru back to the USA, I can't get any sim to work, tried the unlock service twice, they come up blank. So I know my phone wasn't locked to my last carrier in Peru, it would of come up when I payed them to unlock the phone, it's not blacklisted just nothing is coming up.

  15. i have the simple solution, ……..just email samsung "contact us" from the country of purchase

    i bought a note 4 from saudi in jan 2015 , but indian sim do not work, ….in the box there is a pamphlet which says to unlock i must call (in/out) for 5 minutes…but i dont have a arabian sim, i contacted some local phone shops , they asked rs 3000 to unlock, i did not want to spend more money on a legaly bought phone…so i called samsung india, they said i have to contact saudi samsung, so i emailed samsung saudi, email is in arabic, but we can type in english….they repied with an email asking for model,imei, bill photo,…i sent it and they replied with the unlock codes …and it worked

  16. Waseem Iilyas the samsung contact us. By bulmanseo gave me the mck 8 digit code. And the rgck is 7 digit code. Its not working my note 4 is also from saudi. And he said the only code can unlock my phone is what he gave. But its not working. What can i do to this?

  17. please anyone can help me..I'm from I'm in note 3 n900p worked..before 2 days .it restart 3 times..and now if how invalid sim..and hands free activation is incomplete

  18. please anyone can help me..I'm from I'm in note 3 n900p worked..before 2 days .it restart 3 times..and now if how invalid sim..and hands free activation is incomplete