Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review

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It’s one of the most anticipated phones of the year, and Josh is here to give you his review. Check out the powerful and multi-talented Samsung Galaxy Note 3!

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  1. bro the note 5 darklord rom is amazing! FOR those who have rooted note 3 this rom is def worth checking out because you basically get note 5 on note 3 except for the fingerprint scanner. AT least you still get expandable storage and battery 😀

  2. I'm getting my first phone in a couple of weeks and it's going to be this phone! I knew it was great because it's actually as big as the iPhone 6 and can do a lot more stuff than the iPhone 6! U can earn free money to use on the play store and in app purchases just by using a survey which asks what did today and and why and you earn money! It's so cool

  3. I got this handset from an Uncle as a hand-me-down about six months after it launched…He was always getting and using the crap out of new handsets all the time, so I got lucky here! First smartphone type unit I ever had, and it was a phablet at that! It was already pretty beat up when I got it, and I also used the shit out of it until it died (about a year)! I've never been able to negotiate another Note simply because I can't afford a new one…I have an HTC 10 now, and I've grown quite partial to it…Although it's proving to be almost as powerful and fast – and even quite a bit more durable, it's still not a Note… Maybe in a few years, if I'm lucky, I'll have another Galaxy N-Series handset …Unless HTC can produce something even more superior, that is… Amazing handset, the Note!

  4. I love my note 3 and 4….they are the last of the true note line phones with SD card and removable battery….and yes that's my choice which was taken away in later models…

  5. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note3, Iam trying to unlock it, however, Sprint wont unlock it, instead they sent me a code and I took it to AT&T and they inserted a Sim card in and it did not work, the phone is still good, any suggestions?