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Samsung expands its phablet range with the Note 3, a device that is bigger and better than that which has come before.

Featuring the brilliant S Pen stylus, the Galaxy Note 3 is an ideal handset for those who need to make heavy use of their smartphone. With multi-tasking capabilities beyond anything else available, the Note 3 is great for those who need access to many apps at the same time, searching online and dashing off emails at a moment’s notice.

Featuring a fantastic 5.7-inch display and an incredibly powerful 2.3GHz quad-core processor, the Note 3 takes mobile technology to another level, offering an excellent platform for the serious smartphone user.

So, what were your thoughts about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Check out the full review here:

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    We’ve only tested the quad-core version so we can’t comment on other iterations of the handset. However, we found the Note 3’s performance to be incredibly fluid and smooth, with no problems at all in using the smartphone. We’re glad you liked the review though – you can subscribe to our YouTube channel to find out when we upload new videos too.



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    If you’ve just bought an Xperia Z Ultra it probably won’t be worth you upgrading to a Note 3 immediately. Samsung’s device does have some big advantages over Sony’s phablet though, including the S Pen stylus and the functionality that goes with it. Did you take a look at our comparison between the Z Ultra and Samsung Galaxy Mega? You can find it on our YouTube channel.



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    That’s no problem at all, and we hope we’ve been able to help. If you have any other questions about the Galaxy Note 3 or the Xperia Z Ultra then just drop them in the comments and we’ll get back to you.



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    If you want more room to play with, the Note 3 is the one to go for, offering a far larger display that makes it a more versatile handset. However, the Xperia Z1 has the better camera of the two and the slightly smaller size could be more convenient. Altogether, they are both outstanding devices, and you won’t be disappointed by either of them.



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    The Note 3’s a fantastic handset, isn’t it? Samsung has made one of the most powerful devices available and added some very interesting features to the mix. The battery is certainly of a good size, although we did find that the large screen drained its power and you’ll struggle to get more than a day of use out of one charge, but other than that you’re on to a winner with the Note 3.



  6. This the most powerful phone in the world but might aswell get the third most powerful phone Xiaomi Mi3 or Mi3s and save 250-300 pounds lol