Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review Part 1

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Part one of our two part Samsung Galaxy Note 3 unboxing and review. Stay tuned as we post multiple comparisons throughout the week! Check out for more mobile tech!

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tmobile 4g lte unboxing


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  1. Do you notice that your home button is a little loose and crooked ? I've already went through 3 different T Mobile note 3s with all the same issues

  2. Mr. Technibility, I like to see your videos but what makes me a very dizzy is the fast you speak. If you are talking about a review of any sort please do it in a clear and normal speed way. You sound like if you are running as fast as you can to do something else. Just remember that your videos are been watched by people of all ages and by the way I have a Samsung Note 3 and it's a great and fantastic  Mobile Phone and far much better the iPhone 5C (I sold the iPhone to get the Samsung Note 3), I'm an Android guy!