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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 review from Phones 4u. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the latest phablet from the Korean firm and has plenty to offer. With an all new S Pen, the Galaxy Note 3 offers the best in multitasking perfect for business or creative users.

New Air Command feature allows for enhanced pen controls, and MyMagazine, operates as a bespoke news feed service inspired by Flipboard. Throw in an outstanding display, the latest Android operating system and a massive quad-core processor, and you have a sizeably impressive handset.

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  1. Real leather, fake leather, whatever… Same goes to the fake ass iphone. LIKE any other phone whether it's metal, plastic OR fake leather it will break or chip. That's just an Applehead who has an opinion about samsung!

  2. IPhone was killed when Galaxy s3 came out. No comparison Galaxy note 3 with iPhone. Apple keep releasing same phone over and over . lol soon apple is planning for bankruptcy soon.

  3. Great video overall bro.. This comment is for anyone who uses the word phablet.  Ahhh. its a phone, hardly any tablets have a stylus or a sim, if your a tiny person with baby trousers and hands then i see why the phablet word but let face it, under 6 inches is nowhere a tablet, i think tablets should start at 8 inches like my Acer W4 iconia, anything less than that is just stupid and a waste of screen.