Samsung Galaxy Note 3: S Pen – Feature Focus

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The S Pen is the Galaxy Note 3’s trump card and it is capable of an incredible number of functions. Josh takes you through a lot of these capabilities in this Feature Focus.

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  1. I definitely made the decision to purchase this phone because of the snipping tool. This will save me a lot of time as opposed to adding another task to my to do list when I'm in front of my computer

  2. Hi I have a question about the note 3 s note app I have the kitkat version anyway when I make a note and upload a picture on the note I realize the quality of the picture is lowered do you know if there's a way to maintain the quality?

  3. I upgraded my Galaxy Note N8000 from 4.1.2 Jellybean to 4.4.2 kitkat
    And suddenly when I remove the pen to show the s pen shortcut toolbar a message says : S pen has been removed!!!
    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeez help:(

  4. My s-pen button doesn't work anymore and I've only had the phone for a couple months and I press the button and nothing happens. It used to work but now it doesn't and I can't find a video on how to fix it. Please help!

  5. Hi there, could you please explain how to sync tasks in Google Tasks with my S Planner over cloud. Google calender gets synced with S Planner over cloud seamlessly, however, the google tasks do not! The only way google tasks get synced with s planner is via manual sync (via usb) to my computer. Thank you !

  6. If you want to write something like a blog comment and it looks like the write feature doesn't work,  just long press on the microphone key and a menu pops up and one of the choices is the writing feature!

  7. Just a thought about your video style…clips of the phone tend to orient diagonally from either bottom-right to upper-left or bottom-left to upper-right. Either is fine, but not both. I find myself distracted by moving. Consider videoing in a single direction.