Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Samsung’s most impressive phablet yet

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The new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is extremely fast, has a bigger, better screen, plus a host of new S Pen features.


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  1. Question… I have built in battery phone. I do not way it gets really hot… Is there any other phone that I could take the battery out???

  2. @grahamhg so peoplee can complain the phone is too expensive with a titanium body and a leathher back? Just buy a leather back offf amazon someeone one makee it for 300 dollars, plastic is betterr than metal , plexi is beetter than aluminum.

  3. But you did reply 😛 Samsung fans like to claim plastic is better for dubious engineering reasons, but really it's just cheap admit it. Btw I own an htc desire s – dropped it countless times yet my screen isn't cracked. Currently i'm deciding on an htc one or iphone 5/5s as a replacement but i'm no apple fanboy.

  4. I had used all iphones, android phones n windows phones, n i love android phone so much.. metal or plastic doesnt matter to me as long i can remove my phone batteries.. i phone were good, but they lack new innovations n they only copied from other n make it hip n fashionable after the 1st few editions of iphone. While android phone can make us feel unique with all the customization especially when its rooted, which is so easy to be done nw. Windows phone sorry no comment, lacks of alots of thing

  5. But the thing is no matter what, its your choice. I choose android phone n i choose samsung note 3 for my very own reasons n u have your choice n reasons to choose yours. Fanboys or no fanboys, its a personal choice. No point arguing over it, coz only the brands will profits from the selling of their phones. Its not like we get some loyalty out of it when we argje which phone is the best.. respect my choice of phone n respect others choice of their phone

  6. seriously. i wanted to buy one but i hate samsung's skin over android — so laggy!
    i'll stick with my gorgeous HTC One

  7. Hi. When something is stock Android it means it's the software that was directly created by Android developers without any add-ons or modifications being made by phone manufacturers (Samsung, HTC, Motorola).
    Look up a Nexus device, like the Nexus 4 or 7. It's smooth as butter when it's stock, and it also has a cleaner look.

  8. dear cnet. in the 1:03 the video says it's only a hair taller and wider than its predessor.
    and it's not true. galaxy note 3 is actually narrower than note 2.

  9. Android as it comes from google without any manufacturers skin applied to it. Search for google nexus, htc one google play edition or galaxy s4 google play edition on here to see.

  10. Where do you guys see any lag, it looks like it runs smoother then butter. And if you say its from the video, take into account, the editing software and youtube's rendering properties. Unless you've seen it in person your opinion is not valid.

  11. Who the hell wants a massive phone in their hands you will look totally stupid walking down the street with a phone big as this. Why the hell are these company's making big ass phones such as this? Who are the people who want these massive bricks? Phones are supposed to be mobile that fit in your pocket and easily accessible and 5" for a screen is absolutely fine why the fuck make it bigger? You want a big screen get a fucking laptop or tablet or a desktop. Stop making them so god damn big.

  12. wtf I got some wireless headphones. jaybird bluebuds x. and it cant find the device. I got this phone cuz people say it has the best Bluetooth but it cant even connect to a headphone wtf