Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Sizeup!

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs the world!

Samsung Galaxy Note 3:

Phonearena Size Comparison Tool:

Galaxy Note 3 wallpaper:

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  1. Note 3 is one of the stupidest phones out there. I won't be able to help myself but laugh at the first person I see holding this. Btw, I've yet to see a person with Note 3 yet.

  2. Its not even that fucking big, your just used to small phones. If its not bigger than your hand, then its fine. Looks completely normal in a average sized hand. Btw, I've seen just as much Note 2s and 3s as much as I have iphone because where I live, there are more android fans.

  3. I have the s3 and i need to sell my phone to get this one. But then im left only with the note 3 for daily use. If its to big for me i can not return it and if i sell it i will lose a lot of money. Too bad you cant really return stuff here where im.  When the s5 will come out god damn it 

  4. Marques, what is on the back of your galaxy s4? I love black phones and kinda hate how the battery cover on my s4 isn't truly black. what is it you're rocking on yours?

  5. Purchased my Note 3 yesterday after watching your reviews on this an many other things.  Couldn't be happier with it upgrading from my tried and true Galaxy S2 which is actually still going well.  Love your work.

  6. Yeh pple said how do u used note3 is so big .i said even big for my hands uses to hands to text or one by laying the phone down on the tablet

  7. I'm about 6ft 1 and a bit, so the Samsung Note 3 size is perfect. However if you're someone much smaller I can imagine the size may be a little insane, Iphones would probably be better for you.