Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Tips & Tricks Ep. 3: How To Install Adobe Flash Player on Note 3

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*Note 3 Tips & Tricks Table of Contents:
Here is the best way to install Adobe Flash player and get it working well on the on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. You first need to go to the adobe archives, then find Archived Flash Versions, then, install the latest Flash Player for Android 4.0. The difference between the Note 2 is that the stock browser no longer supports Flash, so you will have to find a 3rd party browser. The best one in my opinion is called UC Browser. Other browsers like Boat, Dolphin, Firefox do support it, but I find it to be buggy on the Note 3.

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  1. @shawn if you updated YouTube when you got your note 3 it won't let you save the you tube videos in scrapbook. You have to uninstall the update. After you do that it works.

  2. I use puffin browser seems to work well. Quick question, just got my note 3 and when I take pics sometimes it says processing for a secknd or so but not always. I do have my pics sent right to micro sd card. Is there a setting u could sugguest or is this normal

  3. Hi thanks for all of your helpful videos, I have a question: Do the Note 3 give me a notification telling me that I need to update Adobe? If not, do I need to update it myself or what ?!
    Thanks again.

  4. Since everyone who owns note 2 or 3 will invariably install the archived flash player, why do you think it's not being supported in default browser.

  5. You probably already know this, but I'll say it for the record. Your note 2 and 3 videos are highly appreciated.


    Is goal to get rid of flash and use html 5?

  6. i know your channel is daily views but could you do a weekly news round up? all the new roms/apps/hacks etc that you feel are worthwhile? 😀

  7. Does anyone know if Opera mini supports Flash player ?

    I installed Adobe and used opera with it.. Didn't work on the specific video. . But might just be the video. .

    Anyone has info on that ?


  8. Hi Mike, that really sucks that Jelly Bean doesn't support Flash Player any longer.  What !!??  I have had a lot of problems trying to listen to even radio content on my  GN2.  Is this a way to control free speech and information?  One really has to wonder.  If you have any later fixes than in this video, I would really appreciate it.  I was advised by Blog Talk Radio to use "Cloud Browse" or Doggcatcher.  I tried Dolphin but without Jet Pack and it kept crashing.  Maybe I will try it with Jet Pack now.  Thanks for the great videos!

  9. I wanted to watch videos from the Foodnetwork site and your method solved the problem!  I used the Dophin browser instead and the videos play very well.  Thank you so much!