Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Tips & Tricks Ep. 52: S Pen Works as a Kickstand

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*Note 3 Tips & Tricks Table of Contents:

Here’s a hot tip making it’s rounds across the Internet. It turns out you can insert the rear of the S Pen sideways into the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and end up with a pretty usable kickstand. Here is are some ways to do that, along with 2 other methods.

1st method (Source):
2nd method: Thank you captnhuffy!

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  1. The only time I use the pen is when its in kickstand mode! My note 3 otterbox holster is the opposite of all my holsters and it doesnt stay clipped at all. Thanks for the tip.

  2. I still use my method after all this time.  When in bed though, watching a movie, snacking, etc ….(cough cough cough)….  I'll often use a paperback book instead of a pen because it is VERY sturdy, & never slips or falls.
    Yeah, a book, you know: pre- tablet & phablet era devices. Has printed pages, stories, inside. Remember what a book is yet?

    p.s. My close friends call me CaptnFluffy
    …. joking … they call me The Captn

  3. Omg thank you SO much for these tips, especially the first one! 😀 Definitely going to use that kickstand thing a lot.

  4. Hello, I was reading that people are having battery drain issues with the original samsung s-view cover. Can you please confirm that? As I use your channel as the most reliable source of knowledge 🙂 Thanks Mike.

  5. For the spen, you can also stand it up upside down in landscape with the volume buttons facing up and in upside down portrait when the speakers are facing up.

  6. I use another kickstand way in class at school to make my notes.

    It's similar to the 2nd way described in this video but it involves a view cover and the carry case of the extra battery kit (plastic transparent case).

    Instead of using the pen you'll use the carry case which you probably have always with you as an extra battery. Now prop it the same way behind the view cover as the normal pen. But the preference to this is that it is MUCH more sturdy and you can even press hard on the screen without flipping backwards.

    Another advantage is that you can decide the angle of your kickstand, moving the case more backwards result in a flat angle and vice versa. If you have the extra battery inside the case you'll notice it won't even slide away anymore because of the weight to counter it.

    Hope you'll try it out. I've used it countless times now! 🙂